Volcano / Earthquake Watch June 26-30, 2012

Dim lights

Targeting the leading edge of an unnumbered Coronal Hole on the solar corona that is situated at (43-46°N latitude), this feature may be indicative of a possible (6.2-6.5 Magnitude) earthquake in one of these listed locations during this watch period:

Northern Italy, Bulgaria, Romania or Off The Coast Of Oregon
Time Frame suggests May 26-28.

Targeting the rear flank of this unnumbered Coronal Hole which may represent a potential (6.7 Magnitude) earthquake towards the end of this watch. Deep characteristics with symmetry to the earth indicate an area to (35-39°N) Latitude would be most at risk. Possible locations that may be in line for this earthquake are:

Honshu Japan, Greece, Western Turkey, Hindu Kush Region Afghanistan or Tajikistan
Time Frame Jun 29-30