Planetary Alignment/Earthquake Watch | April 14-22, 2016

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Solar Eclipse-Earthquake Watch | March 8-10, 2016

Two Heliocentric planetary alignments taking place day one of this watch period (Venus-Sun-Jupiter) and (Mercury-Venus-Neptune) culminate into one Geocentric alignment (Venus-Uranus Conjunction) at the end of this Earthquake Watch with Mars stationed and moving Direct (April 17) may foreshadow multiple Magnitude 7 Earthquakes during this 8 day window. Planetary geometry of these almost simultaneous interactions should coincide with very high levels of solar activity from April 14-15 but also the potential for significant geophysical events felt here on the Earth. Therefore a significant watch for a major earthquake from April 14-22, 2016 with the forecast magnitude of this event expected above (M 7.0). Areas of interest during this important Earthquake Watch have a Alignment/Earthquake symmetry. Specifically isolating Sea Of Okhotsk, San Juan, Argentina, Southern Italy, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan as possible locations that may receive significant shaking from mid April.